Matelot Church

Quick Design and Render of a rural church in Matelot, Trinidad. The base plan is from the project lead, but everything else (I.E everything not “layout”) was part of the scope.

Exterior - Matelot Church

Final Interior - Matelot Church

After the renders were done, the priest decided he wanted to put a steeple, so I went back in and did the two options below, cause it wasn’t clear weather or not they wanted modern or traditional. so each steeple relates to the design in different ways, the modern with the slit windows in the front, and the traditional to the wooden truss weave.



Each of these has a slightly different final post, just because I was experimenting with style and mood. Just trying to get better 🙂

HearTT Stuff

A buddy of mine was helping me with some stuff I was working on, and as a ‘quid-pro-quo’, he needed some stuff for a show he throws yearly. So we helped each other out. Always good when you can help each other out 🙂

So first I had to create a 3D version of his logo, and as I built it, i started working on some style frames and a reallly quick test render of what I was thinking.

Heart_2K Heart3_Test


Then he re-branded midway (not his fault), so I had to rebuild the logo again. Anyway…

Here’s the opening bit of the video, an overlay during the video, and the final logo reveal. (a.k.a – the 3D bits.)




I uploaded the full video to Youtube, if you’d like to watch it. embedded below 🙂 It has a really long tail end in case he needed to loop it, or needed a background or something.